Pompeii and Rome

Well, it has taken me a while to finally post about my weekend. Whoops.

Unfortunately for me, the John Felice Rome Center is a real college campus with really college classes and real midterm exams. I spent my week studying for and taking said exams. I have one more tomorrow that I’m not really worried about.

Aside from exams, I haven’t really been doing much. My team and I lost our calcio game last week. However, I scored a goal! I also slipped a few times (running shoes have proven less than ideal for playing soccer on turf fields) and got pretty scraped up. I’ll spare you the gruesome pictures.

Then on Friday I went on a study trip to Pompeii. Study trips are basically trips that the Rome Center sets up for you. Some are weekend trips, others, like Pompeii, are day trips. All you have to do is pay and you are set to go.

We arrived at Pompeii around lunch time, so we ate our sack lunches (lunches made for us by the Loyola dining staff). It wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever eaten, but it was good enough to tide me over until dinner.

Then we started our tour led by Dr. Nicholson, a professor here at the Rome Center. Pompeii was very similar to Herculaneum, only it was much larger and Herculaneum was better preserved because of the mud. I’ll spare you the repetitive photos and only include some that I found particularly interesting.

Mt. Vesuvius as seen through a hole in the wall.

The entire tour only took about 3 1/2 hours, so there really wasn’t much to it that you don’t already know about. It was just so cool to see it in person!

An archaeologist developed a method of pouring plaster into the cavities left by the bodies. In some moulds, you can see bones.

It was really sad, yet fascinating, to see these moulds.

Spencer and I pretended that the volcano was erupting. Sorry if this is offensive to anyone reading...


Pompeii is a poorer part of Italy, so there were many stray dogs wandering around.

I found an ancient Lego!

We made it back to campus in time to eat dinner in the cafeteria, which was nice.

On Saturday I didn’t really do much. I went shopping on Via del Corso and finally bought a watch. I selected a red Swatch like this one:

Then, on Sunday, we went to a flea market at  Porta Portese.

Porta Portese!

It was a really fun experience. I got a sweater for €2 that I really like. We almost didn’t go because it looked like it was supposed to rain… But it didn’t start raining until we got back to campus. Imagine that!

Flea market!

I apologize for the lack of text and quality in this post. I’m kind of worn out from midterms and getting ready for spring break. You can expect some long posts about my adventures in Paris, London and Dublin in a few weeks!

I hope everyone has a safe spring break (if you have spring break next week) and I will post tons of photos and stories about my spring break!



About Austin Sears

I'm a junior at Loyola University Chicago majoring in sociology and minoring in urban studies and photography. The purpose of this blog is to document my semester abroad in Rome!
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One Response to Pompeii and Rome

  1. grandma marge says:

    I had to laugh when I saw your red shoes. and then a red watch. When I was in rome which was many years ago they commented on americans and their wild colors. I also enjoyed your blog on brussels. Those waffles looked great. I’m so glad your enjoying yourself. This is something you’ll never forget. What an opportunity. We didn’t get to Pompei because of the fog. We went to Florence and saw “David” and Naples and the isle of Capri. One picture I have in my living room with the flowers I bought in Florence. I also have a vase from the isle of capri. You know anything I have is yours. Of course its old ladies taste. I told your dad he can burn my furniture when I die or move. Tooooo much crap. Love Ya and Miss Ya, grandma marge

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